What to Do if You Need Foundation Repair

Arrange for foundation underpinning services in Niagara Falls, NY

Foundation problems shouldn't be taken lightly. Your foundation supports the weight of your home, so get residential structure repair as soon as you need it. Limited Access Solutions offers foundation underpinning services for homeowners in Niagara Falls, NY. We'll identify the cause of your foundation problem and fix it in no time. If you want to make your home more spacious, we can open up the walls, too.

We also offer custom carpentry work. Call 716-402-1871 now to get more information on our services.

Limited Access Solutions is a basement contracting service offering foundation repair, basement lowering, crawlspace and basement conversion, and wiring services in Niagra Falls, NY

3 signs that you need foundation underpinning services

What’s the biggest threat to your foundation? Water damage is by far the worst thing for your home’s structural integrity. Give your home some extra support with foundation underpinning. You may need residential structure repair if…

  • You notice cracks on your walls, flooring or grout
  • Your doors and windows won’t shut properly
  • Your foundation or floors are sagging

Our crew in Niagara Falls, NY will fix your foundation quickly. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and in good shape.