Don't Waste Your Basement Space

Schedule basement lowering services in Niagara Falls, NY

Is your family feeling too close for comfort? Don't move or build a new home addition-consider basement lowering instead. Basement lowering allows you to turn your basement into a functional living space. Limited Access Solutions offers basement benching and underpinning services for homeowners in Niagara Falls, NY.

Basement lowering is a lot more affordable than buying a new home or creating a home addition. Use the space you already have to your advantage. Call 716-402-1871 now to schedule a consultation with a basement contractor.

Limited Access Solutions is a basement contracting service offering foundation repair, basement lowering, crawlspace and basement conversion, and wiring services in Niagra Falls, NY

What are the benefits of basement benching?

Basement benching involves digging out the bottom of your basement to make it deeper. Not sure if basement benching is right for you? Here’s why it’s a popular choice for homeowners in Niagara Falls, NY:

  • It gives your basement higher ceilings
  • It makes your basement appear bigger
  • It gives your foundation extra support

The entire process typically takes around five weeks. Your contractor will keep ongoing communication with you about your project.